How to create fake whatsapp status

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Whatsapp is without a doubt the most used messaging application around the world. Now a day nearly everyone is present on the Whatsapp and the mobile sms have became a thing of past. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features. The client software is available for Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone OSBlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, selected Nokia Series 40, Symbian, selected Nokia Asha platform, and BlackBerry 10.
If you have read the tutorial How to create fake chats and edit old chats on whatsapp . You will find that most of the steps are same (only the files are different)
Before we start you will need four things :
1. A rooted android device
2. An application that can be used to disable/freeze application ( Link2SD(free)/ Titanium Backup/ Other )
Learn to Disable And Enable App Using Link2SD
Learn to Disable And Enable App Using Titanium Backup
3. A root explorer ( EsFile Explorer(free) / Root Explorer / Other )
4. SQLite Editor

Steps to create a fake status on Whatsapp for any contact present on your Whatsapp

Step 1: Open your Whatsapp, search the contact whose status you want to change and note down his/her phone number.
Open the Profile

Step 2: Now disable/freeze Whatsapp from the system using Link2SD/Titanium Backup/ Other. This step is necessary because without it the SQLite Editor will give an error "database locked".
Freeze WhatsApp using Titanium Backup

Step 3: Open EsFile Explorer/ Root Explorer / Other and go to /data/data/com.whatsapp. Now select the databases from the folders present at /data/data/com.whatsapp. A list of databases having extention .db will appear in front of you.
Find The Database of Whatsapp via SQlite Editor

Step 4: Open the database wa.db using SQLite Editor and select wa_contacts (last one).
Open wa.db database

Step 5: Click on search button present on the top in SQLite Editor and enter the phone number you noted in step 1.
Search for the Number you noted down

Step 6: The app will take a while to search the records present in wa_contact. As soon as you select the record the search button of SQLite Editor will change into a edit button(pencil).
Search is Now Complete

Step 7: Now click on the edit button and go to the status field present in the record and change it value to whatever you want to ( I am changing my friend's status from "Available" to "I am a dog" ). Click on save when you are done. Main work is complete now.    Learn How To Root BlueStack

                                INITIAL                                                              AFTER       
Original StatusFake Status

Step 8: Now defrost the frozen Whatsapp using Link2SD/Titanium Backup/ Other, open the Whatsapp you can see the changed status of the contact. The change of status will occur only on your phone.

Defrost WhatsAppSee the Result

Use for educational purposes only.


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