IPhone Tracker App Can Help Businesses Manage Their Expenses Better

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Most of the businesses have now embraced the BYOD (bring your own device) culture and the majority of them prefer to resort to iOS devices for their office because of its better encryption. Not that iPhones and iPads are extremely secure, the general perception is what drives the markets.
So if your business has provided iOS devices to its staff, there is great way that can help you save on the monitoring of employees. It’s called iPhone tracker app XNSPY that works secretly inside any iPhone, iPad or iPod to provide uninterrupted monitoring.

Few ways XNSPY can cut on your business expenses are:

1.    No need to install GPS devices in delivery trucks because you can track your drivers’ route by installing this app onto their smartphones. It’s very necessary for some business to track their deliveries so they reach the customers on time e.g. restaurants have to deliver food within a given time period. So if your employees’ continually fail on delivering food within the allotted time, check their location history with this GPS tracker.

2.   No need for over-the-head managers who monitor employees’ activities. With this iPhone tracker, entrepreneurs can view Phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries from the target device. An employee’s smartphone activity can clearly tell what’s keeping them busy. You can also view chats, media and call logs from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype and iMessage.

3.  Startups can use this app as a substitute to the surveillance tools so to save on the costs.

Getting Started With XNSPY

It’s extremely easy to install and use this tracking app. Employers can choose between the Jailbreak and NoJailbreak edition according to their choice.

The Jailbreak version requires a physical access to the target device to install the app onto it. Features like GPS tracking, Facebook and Line tracking, Remote control (to lock the target device remotely) etc. are exclusive to the Jailbreak edition. It comes in basic and a premium subscription.

The NoJailbreak version is much easier to work on with as it only requires the Apple ID and password to access data from the target device. There is no installation required. The NoJailbreak version provides features similar to the basic Jailbreak edition of the app.

You can learn about the product features and pricing on XNSPY’s website.


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